We're on the road,
but we've got no destination

This year 7 billion people suffered from an excruciating, yet totally avoidable and curable disease called, boredom. 

The good news is, there’s a cure.

Nicky Sassenberg

Somewhere in my mid-teens, I started dreaming about the world. I dreamed about how food tasted in other countries, and the adventures that the open road held. 

I dreamed about how sunsets were celebrated on distant shores and about which night sky lit up the brightest. 

I dreamed about what the sand on the other side of the equator felt like between my bare toes. 

Nicky Sassenberg

An excerpt from the blog post I Quit


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My name is Nicky Sassenberg, and I ignored my real passion for too long. I chased and found success in my career and realized, I was right…. normal is overrated. 

So I quit my job, sold my home, and embarked on an epic adventure. I decided to finally pursue my  dream of extended travel. Each day is a new adventure. This is my story, as it unfolds.

How much does the 9-5 life excite you?

This lifestyle is NOT only for the select few!

Our goal is to inspire others to travel, to step outside of their comfort zones.

Blog Posts

I like to write.... And I am addicted to my camera. Check out some of my work.


I Quit

I quit, and when i look around me now, everything has changed. I quit my job. I quit my normal life. 

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