One month into nomadic life

One month into nomadic life

We’ve been on the road for one month now.

How does it feel? Well, for starters it’s still pretty unreal. It hasn’t sunk in yet that this is my new life. That I am not going home as I board this next flight. This is my home now. The road.

We leave Indonesia today for a quick stay with a friend in Singapore.  We’ve spent the last month in Indonesia.

The first two weeks were spent moving east, overland from Jakarta through the island of Java. We took a ferry when we hit the East coast of Java across to Bali, where we spent the last two weeks crossing the small island.

In the last month:

1. Sometimes I catch myself having no idea what day of the week it is.

2. I was violently woken up by an earthquake at 4am last week whilst sleeping outside, on the floor.

3. I have a flip flop tan. This hasn’t happened since… I cannot remember when. 

4. I haven’t had a cigarette (or a vape or ANY nicotine replacement) in two weeks. This has not happened since I started smoking at a very young age. Travel has this funny way of naturally making you want to be healthier. 

Sunrise over Borobudur Temple

5. I have a much greater understanding of time zones. I am constantly having to work out what time it is in different locations. We’ve also moved overland from one time zone to the next during our month in Indonesia.

6. Henry and I have both worn through a pair of sandals in a month from all the walking. Sandals that lasted us years before, and showed no signs of decay prior to this trip. 

7. We saw the sunrise over the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

8. The only other South African I have seen was a bartender in Jakarta. I’ve started to wonder why South Africans do not travel more?

9. I went body rafting down a canyon.

10. Locals want to take selfies with us all the time.

Locals in Java love asking us for selfies! I started asking them for one on my phone too after we took theirs!
The Bromo Crater

11. I stared into an active volcano and I still do not have the words to adequately describe what it feels like to see and hear the earth literally boiling below you.

Walking the Sea of Sand to get to Mount Bromo
Fresh Fruit is celebrated with every breakfast in Indonesia!
Snake Fruit

12. I’ve discovered about 6 to 8 different fruit varieties that I never knew existed.

13. I got used to hearing the sound of the call for prayer blaring through the streets during our two weeks on the predominantly Muslim island of Java.

14. I snorkelled. I have a fear of open water so this was a big deal for me. Thank you Henry for allowing me to be a baby about it, but pushing me passed it.

15. I ride on either a scooter or a motorbike all the time. Another fear, crushed. 

16. I got food poisoning.

17. I have made friends from all corners of the globe.

Riding our rented scooter in Ubud
Our Treehouse Paradise in Batukaras on the South of the Java Island!

18. I slept in both a treehouse, as well as the fourth level of a bamboo tower.

19. I can have a basic conversation in a completely new language; Indonesian! Not to mention the understanding I have gained for their culture and history. 

20. I have watched either a sunrise or a sunset at least each week in the last month.

If you ever wondered whether travel was worth it, I recommend you write your own list. Write your own list of things that you’ve accomplished or learnt about the world in the last month. 

If your list doesn’t excite you, if it doesn’t get you absolutely pumped up about the possibilities that lie ahead for the month to come… Maybe you need a change. 

Maybe you need to travel.

The "stairs" I needed to climb down to get back to earth while we stayed on the fourth floor of a bamboo tower

Our aim is to share our stories and inspire more people to travel. Read about how we were able to afford it. I think you’ll be surprised!

Sunrise over Mount Bromo
Sunset in Pemuteran, North Bali

Awesome to have you here!

Thank you for sticking around and getting all the way down here! Please share with your circle on social media and a comment below

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