Exploring Kuwait

Exploring Kuwait

We visited Kuwait a little while back and were surprised in so many ways by what we found. From our adventures on Failaka Island, to the Grand Mosque, it was clear that this was a country very unexplored. 

Although this is a country of vast wealth and many sights, it is not too open to tourism and we found little information online about the country. Even more reason for us to be intrigued by it. Therefore, we went exploring!

Kuwait in Pictures

Our adventure in the Middle East took us to a country not many people know anything about.

Kuwait Towers

These iconic towers light up the city’s Skyline


Modest and respectful clothing that covers your shoulders and legs

Full Dress Required?

You do not need to dress in full traditional clothing or cover your hair or face. 

When full Dress is Required

When entering a Mosque


I wore a Dara, as pictured here, which was required, and given to female visitors for free on entering the Grand Mosque. 

We visited

We visited Kuwait to witness the birth of my first niece while my sister was living and working in Kuwait!


The amount of Gold inside The Grand Mosque is almost blinding. 

The Grand Mosque

The 8th largest mosque in the world. 

Coastal City

Nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait is a tiny country overlooking the Persian Gulf. 


A market is known as a Souq. We loved exploring these massive playgrounds of traditional food and souvenirs. 


We visited Failaka island, Souqs, Green Island, the main city centre and The Grand Mosque. 


Citizens of the US, Canada and many European countries can get a Visa on Arrival. For the latest Visa policies click here. 

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Exploring Kuwait

Exploring Kuwait We visited Kuwait a little while back and were surprised in so many ways by what we found.

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