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Some of the most amazing times we’ve had have been in the most unexpected places. 

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Europe in Winter

Many have asked me why we chose to do a trip through Europe in Winter. The answer is quite simple. It’s a personal choice, but for me, there are just

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Kuwait Travel

Exploring Kuwait

Exploring Kuwait We visited Kuwait a little while back and were surprised in so many ways by what we found. From our adventures on Failaka Island, to the Grand Mosque,

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10 things to do in Cape Town

There are so many things to see and do in and around Cape Town. Not surprisingly, you could spend a few weeks in the city and not have seen everything.

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Abandoned Hotel in Siem Reap

Recently abandoned 5 star Luxury Hotel with everything still inside! We found this gem of an abandoned hotel, right in the middle of Siem Reap. The bustling Cambodian city ripe

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We have written posts using our experience of preparing for extended travel. 

It is an easy process, but does involve many moving parts when you have to pack up your life. 

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