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Full-time Traveler


I am Nicky Sassenberg, the creator behind Sassy Escape

I am a full-time traveller. 

I love exploring different cultures, foods and history. 

Maybe a bit too attached to my camera. I love to dance, write and meet new people. 


Sassy Escape


Somehow i got the nickname, Sassy

No idea why, right? I mean me…. Sassy? Really?


Why Travel?

I have been dreaming about extended travel for about half of my life now. And at 28, i am doing it. I am leaving my “normal” life behind. And i am documenting every real moment. 

I am walking away from every comfort i have ever known. From all my real world successes. 

In all of the years I have dreamed of traveling, I never found the courage, or the absence of excuses… 

This is a memoir of my so-called Sassy Escape. 


I wanted to Find a Way to Document Our Personal Journey

“Roughly halfway through my teen years, I started dreaming about the world. 

I dreamt about how food tasted in other countries, about the adventures that the open road held. 

I dreamt about how sunsets were celebrated on distant shores and which night sky lit up the brightest. 

I needed to know what the sand on the other side of the equator felt like between my bare toes. 

I had to find out for myself… 


An excerpt from the blog post I Quit

Did I mention I have a Travel Partner?

He’s kinda cool…..

In our late twenties, we left our successful careers, sold our home and all of our worldly possessions.

 We traded it all in for a backpack. 

Now, we bounce around the globe soaking up all the experiences it has to offer. 

We make money from wherever we are. We see the world. We live.

What we do

We travel. We explore. And we document it as we go. 

Our aim is to inspire others to travel.

This blog is for all the lovers, the peace seekers, the explorers. 

For those who are more open-minded, than they are afraid of the world. 

This is for you.

We document and share our experiences with you, to inspire others to travel, to live to their potential, and to realize that there is so much more to life than the 9-5. 

Get out there and live.

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