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Two months on the road

What is it like to live as a nomad? It’s been two months since we left home. We have been travelling full-time for just long enough that this can’t be

The best way to see Mount Bromo

Some people will tell you that the best way to see Mount Bromo is with a guide, that you need to pay for a tour. After doing it recently, we

Workaway – what you should know

What is Workaway? How does Workaway REALLY work? What’s it all about? If you are not sure about Workaway and the process, here are the things you really need to know… Workaway.info

One month into nomadic life

We’ve been on the road for one month now. How does it feel? Well, for starters it’s still pretty unreal. It hasn’t sunk in yet that this is my new

I Quit

I quit, and when i look around me now, everything has changed. I quit my job. I quit my normal life.  When our plans to go backpacking indefinitely became public